Monday, May 21, 2012


Work has been quite depressing today.

The issue was that we're supposed to implement something that will send all customer data (name, adress, birthdate, email-adress) to another company, without asking the customer or even informing them about it.
I don't think it's legal. Actually I think it's pretty obvious that it can't be legal.

Still, when I protested on Friday, I've been told that it's already been decided.
A co-worker who wasn't there on Friday got the news today and also protested. She agrees with me that it can't be legal.
The answer of our team leader: she (our team leader) is no legal practitioner, so she can't judge whether it's legal or not. Besides, as long as there's no customer complaints...
Also our devision manager already decided that it's gonna be done. The legal departement is being consulted and when they raise objections we'll just take it out again. By the way, there's rumours that he's friends with the boss of the other company...

I might be naive, but I really have a hard time accepting this. There's two things that are annoying me most about this.
First of all, the attitude that I think I feel, especially in my team leader. Like it's stupid of me and others to be concerned about this. That legal concerns are useless and only an obstacle. That not wanting to break the law is stupid in our field of work.
And secondly I'm annoyed at myself that I care. I mean, it's not gonna change anything. It just ruins my mood.

I really wish I could care less.

"Bedenkenträger" is a German word for someone who always raises concerns/objections.

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