Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Botanical Gardens at the Palace, Karlsruhe

Recently I found that I really enjoy visiting Botanical Gardens. I've been to some before, in cities I visited, but it was more like something unscheduled, not very consciously.
I've decided to share some pictures on here. Maybe I'll dig in older pictures collections of mine, too. I'll probably not write a lot, I don't really know what to say.

In Karlsruhe, there are two Botanical Gardens: one at the KIT university and one in the palace gardens. I actually wanted to visit the university gardens, but they are closed on Saturdays.

This huge tree has branches growing into the earth and out again

The Botanical Gardens at the Karlsruhe Palace are part of the extensive palace gardens. So you can visit the outside gardens for free.

The admission for the greenhouses is only 2 euros, but they are also not very big.

Lots of different Citrus plants - they smelled great

The rest of the palace gardens are quite nice, too. There's usually a lot going on if the weather is nice, a lot of families and student on the grass.

And of course the palace itself is one of the main sights of Karlsruhe.
Karlsruhe palace
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