Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Sleep

For the last few months I find myself in a strange mood.

I like to sleep a lot. If I make myself some food, it's mainly soup. I want to cuddle up in fluffy blankets. My consumption of hot chocolate has peaked.
When I was at my parent's over my birthday and the holidays, I took a hot bath nearly every evening.
I've been reading a lot, real books again, not mangas. Fantasy. I re-read the Belgariad and started the Kingkiller Chronicle.

I also hate getting out of my comfort zone even more than usual.
For example I really would have loved to see The Answer together with The Union in London. It's not uncommom for me to travel to see a concert - after all I travelled to Berlin to see The Answer. And I love Great Britain. But for London I'd have to get on a plane. I've been flying a lot last year, but I dislike it. I hate the whole issue of packing liquids the right size, arriving early, the security checks, the flying. So I won't be going.

I really don't think it's a bad thing. Maybe it's just natural and I keep following my instincts. I just never noticed it like that.

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